Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Idle Hands...

"Nothing good comes from boredom. It's said that idle hands are the devil's workshop, an old saying dating at least as far back as Chaucer in the twelfth century who called idle hands the devil's tools." (The Phrase Finder)

Along with working, going to school, making new friends, staying in touch with everyone, and experiencing Shanghai, I FINALLY took out the crochet case and got to work.
First, I made some leg warmers. The yarn was not elastic enough, and so I only wore them once. Then, one day I realized it was cold outside and I was not prepared. I didn't have any yarn, so I frogged (took out) my leg warmers and made a hat and scarf with the yarn. It is a green set, so I wear it when I am not wearing my super-fly coat (doesn't match), mostly on the weekends in the daytime and on the days I don't work.
After seeing my leg warmers-come-hat and scarf, one of my classmates asked me to make her some leg warmers (yes, she paid for them). So, I went and purchased the yarn in her requested color and began to make them on Thanksgiving Day. I FINALLY finished those at 4:00 Monday morning. I was working on the first one for about two weeks, and I kept inadvertently adding and dropping stitches. Eventually I got fed up, put that one aside, and started a new one - which went perfectly from start to finish. Then I made the other leg warmer, which went almost as perfectly, except that by the end I was sleepy...and if you don't know what that means for a crocheter (or knitter), then don't worry about it.
I still have no idea what was going on with the initial one, but I'll be frogging that to make something soon enough. The finished pair has a little string inside so that she can tighten the top to keep them from falling down if (when) they stretch out. I think they are pretty cute, and I'm thinking about making myself a pair (in a different color).
I LOVE being able to crochet. The ability to wake up in the morning and realize that I am in a foreign country, winter is coming, and I need a hat and scarf...and have one by the afternoon that looks and fits exactly the way I want it to...I love it. I am not an amazing crocheter yet, but I am good enough that I can make things for others, and get paid to do it. Lots of women here knit (more on that in another posting), but not many crochet. So, my skills with a hook and yarn invite more stares, questions, and comments. And these ones are not negative. I'm Lovin' It (McDonald's is big here)!
So, now I'm working on a scarf for another classmate, keeping my hands busy and the devil out.

Classmates Leg Warmers

Hat and Scarf Set (Gotta love the model)

If you don't know what a crochet case is...

Outside of my Crochet Case (Yes, I made it.)

Inside of my Crochet Case
Contents: Hooks (in size order), pins, blunt needles, safety pins, scissors, short pieces of yarn (for marking stitches), stitch holders
Inside the pocket: 2 stitch counters (1 peg type, one push type), labels, needles and thread (various colors, for sewing labels), tape measure (usually, I think I lost it)

The yarn I purchased here. Each bag was 60 块, and I still tried to bargain. I told her that was expensive, she told me I was crazy. So, I paid her 120 块 for both bags. As you can tell, the balls are not all the same size, but you can mix and match colors once the total weight in the bag is the same. It is 100%wool (according to the label) and lightweight, so most of the green was used on the leg warmers (held double). Half of the blue (the three in the middle) and most of the grey are being used on a scarf (I haven't finished it yet). I am going to try and make myself some leg warmers out of the remaining blue, with the white as an accent color.


Max said...

Love the color on the hat and scarf. I can tell that they are really soft. They look almost like velour.

I used to crotchet simple stuff all the time (baby blankets, scarfs, etc.). I even found a really nice pattern on the internet for a baby's sweater set. Knitting always seemed way too complicated at first but I found a really good (easy/beginners) pattern book for baby blankets when I was pregnant with Tsyonne. I never tried knitting blankets before because I was trained to used small needles. Making a blanket of any size with small needles just seemed like way too much work. It never dawned on me that in order to knit blankets people just used really big needles (circular ones are the best. You have to use two balls of yarn at once to get the right thickness. I want to make a blanket for myself, but who knows when i will find the time, especially now!

Memee said...

it's about time!!! looks good. do you make leg warmers for the girls with rhino legs? :)

Sacred Stitch said...

The hat and scarf were made with Lion Brand Suede, a chunky soft yarn that works up pretty quickly.
I love making blankets. I make baby blankets pretty often, and I've even made a few throws and larger ones. No queen size ones yet, though I have had a request or two. I have a fly basket weave one @ home that I have to finish when I go back.

Rhino legs! Whatever. Let me know what color you want.

Memee said...

rhino legs are coming back! remember I had them first!