Tuesday, January 16, 2007


are over! Yippee! I just finished my last final!
Officially, the semester ends next week. But, my finals are done, and that means that my first semester, and almost half of my time here in Shanghai, is over. (Okay, 2/5 of my time, but who's counting?) Oh wow. It didn't fly, I feel like I've been here for AGES. I'm starting to get used to it though, the other day I actually even considered staying (if I got an absolutely amazing job, which for me is not teaching English. I did see something online the other day...) Can you believe that? But, I still feel isolated, and I'm not trying to sign up for another year of that. Hey, if anyone wants to come to China and teach, NOW is the time to apply for teaching jobs for next year. The good ones pay just under 30,000 USD a year, but in RMB you'll be quite comfortable with that salary. They also provide housing, round-trip air fare, and visa. You can apply online, and for the American and other International Schools, qualifications (BA is the min., teaching experience helps) actually matter, not just the fact that you are a white native speaker. If you want more info, you can e-mail me, or if you have no idea who I am, post a comment or "google" it (Shanghai American School, Livingston American School, Shanghai International School, use keyword searches for the other schools). Have fun!
Maybe I should have some of that too. I have a few day trip ideas in my head, maybe they will materialize. I'm trying to work out another way to get to Japan, as my first plan fell through. Oh, and I'll be in China for Chinese New Year next month, that should be great fun. Any other ideas? Got any friends in Asia that want to invite me to their house for a week? Got some extra cash and want to donate it to a good cause? I'm a GREAT cause! Wanderlust is a disease, for real...
Until next time. 再见!

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