Friday, May 18, 2007

Takin' you back

Okay, so I love youtube...can you tell? This one has nothing to do with TongJi or China, but it is an excellent throwback song.
Being as I am in a throwback mood, I'm gonna give a shout out to my mom. I love you! Remember the living room at 147? If you feel it in your heart and understand me, stop right where you are everybody sing along with me...
To everyone else, I hope you enjoy the throwback. I would also like to let all you know that I STILL remember every word. Maybe I need to get some Chinese songs in my head! If you are too young to know this song, or did not grow up listen to this type of music, just give it a watch.

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Between the Sky and the Sea said...

It's still crazy to me that I'm one of those people (read: adults) that knows the throwback songs!!! I don't think I ever saw this video but I remember the song very well. It was one of those songs that made me want to be cool like my older cousins who actually owned the tape....hehe. You need to put up some old Janet Jackson videos. Maybe a little "If" or "New Agenda" to take us back to De La Salle. (By the way, the word verification on this thing is getting ridiculous. I have to type in "qyhmwgn" in order to leave this comment...umm...that's not a word. and what's up with the dude in the wheelchair to signify audio for the hearing impaired? i think an ear would make a better symbol but that's just me.)