Friday, October 26, 2007


I just discovered this website

Here is an excerpt from the price quote page:


Event Rates

• Corporate/Business Rate: $350 per hour

• Personal/Private/Individual Rate: $200 per hour

• Non-Profit Rate: $275 per hour

• Drop-in/Appearances: $100 each

Informational/High Question Volume: add $100 per hour

• Emergencies/Short Notice (24 hour window): add $150 per hour

Ongoing/Retainer Services

• $10,000 Annually
(12 Events, 15 Calls, 10 Appearances, 3 Consultations)

Additional Services

• "Help! I need a Black Opinion!" $75 per call
(30 minute duration) or email (24 hr response time)

• Touch Her Hair: $25 each time

• Touch Her Skin: $35 each touch

• Compare Your Skin Tone to Hers: $50

• Tell her"you look just like..." another black person: $100

• Call her "sister" "sista" "girlfriend" or "girl": $150 each time

• Dance Lessons for the Rhythm-Challenged: $250 hour

• Challenging Racist Family Members: add $500 per person

• Racist Guests at Event: add $500 per event (per racist)

• "Will You Tell Them I'm Not a Racist?": $1500 per vouch

• Certificate of Association: $100
A 8x10" certificate stating your affiliation with a black person.

I think I should start charging the Chinese people 100 RMB to touch my hair. I wonder if I could charge them to answer questions like "How do you get your hair like that?". Hm, maybe I'll give it a try!

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