Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life has been so hectic!

I started a new job, so I am now a full-time working mom a.k.a a woman that always tired and has no free time. I'm working on adjusting and getting more organized. I miss blogging, among other things, and I'm trying to figure out how everyone else does it all.

In the world of food allergies there is a lot of news.

First - I did a training at the PHELC Conference entitled Food Allergies in the Day Care Setting. It was well received by everyone. To be honest, I was a little surprised by how misinformed so many of the day care providers were (are?) about food allergies. Almost all of them had at least one food allergic child in their care, but only one (out of 70+) had a food allergy action plan on file. ONE! Thankfully, they took our class, and now they are more informed. Hopefully they will implement the techniques and strategies we gave them in the class, and make their centers safer for all of the children.

Second - The holidays are here. So please be kind and patient with us PLFA's- people living with food allergies. The holidays can be quite a challenge for obvious reasons, and a lot of people just.don'

Third - I'm thinking about starting a local group for parents of kids with food allergies. I'll keep you all updated.

Happy Holidays!

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