Monday, March 26, 2007

Surprise! Surprise!

This weekend was one in which I ventured outside of my normal solo escapades and spent quite a lot of time with other people. It was lots of fun, and there were even a few surprises.
First, on Saturday a group of us went bowling. I was the "coordinator", and as such invited people from my three different social spheres. My friends from work couldn't come, mostly because they are on vacation right now. So, there were "the boys" from TongJi (3), my black Canadian friend and her Nigerian fiance, white American girls from TongJi (2), a German guy from TongJi (white), and the friend (from Cameroon) of one of the boys. Oh, and me, that makes 10. The first surprise was that ALL of the black people arrived before the white people. How's that for CPT? The second surprise was that everyone divided along racial lines. We had two lanes next to each other, with the computer screen in the middle. The white people sat on one side, the black people on the other, and me in the middle in the chair behind the computer screen. Now, some of that was because the black people arrived on time, and started bowling, while the white people arrived late. (LOL) But, it was still interesting that race was more important than language (4 of the black males spoke French with one another, while everyone else spoke English), continent (except Africa, but we didn't have any phenotypically white Africans), or association (most of the people know each other from TongJi, but they didn't cross the racial divide after "hello"). Afterwards, the white people left, and the brown people all went out to dinner (yay Punjabi's, 50 块 buffet...and TMW, it was good this time, even on a Sat. night). Then we went to my friend's apartment. We hung out, the guys played a video game for a little while, and then we all watched Babel (interesting but frustrating movie). And the third surprise of the evening? The boys got to see me do something they've NEVER seen me do before. Flirt. LOL. Yup, with the friend that one of the boys invited, who is cute and employed and over 25. I had lots of encouragement too, from my friend who kept forgetting that they all speak English (now that was funny) to the boys who made sure we there was never a dull moment, and ensured that we sat next to each other and walked alone, etc. It was really cute, actually.
Then, on Sunday I went to dinner with my former classmate from Turkey. And, when I went to use the restroom, I encountered this:
Yup, with the warm seat, spray, bidet and drying features.
We also watched a Chinese girl do a 马马虎虎(Chinese for so-so) Belly Dance. And because I know you all want to see it, here's a clip. Enjoy!

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she don't look oriental is she wearing a wig