Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Wearing

"That's dangerous."
"Can he breath?"
"How did you do that?"
"Why do you have your baby in/like that?"
"Oh wow, how did you do that?"
"What is that?"
"Where did you learn that?"
"That's weird."

If nothing else, baby wearing generates comments. Although a few have been positive, the majority of comments demonstrate ignorance. Primarily concerned that I am suffocating my infant, people have done everything from comment under their breath to demand that I prove my child can breath. If I am in the right mood, or the person is quite persistent, then I will show them that the baby can breath. They are often surprised (but never apologetic).

Everywhere from FL to NY, all along the eastern seaboard, my baby wrap has attracted attention. A lot of stares, even in a place like D.C. where I thought it wouldn't attract any attention. And then the comments. Sometimes I want to tell people to mind their business. Occasionally I think it's because I look young, which just demonstrates some of the issues younger parents have to deal with. Do people think I am so stupid that I would suffocate my child? Or is that indicative of their intelligence? I must say, none of the mothers I have encountered have questioned my parenting skills or common sense, even the ones that thought it was "strange" or "weird" based on their comments. They have asked "how" questions, but never implied that I did not consider my child's safety first and foremost. I never imagined that this baby wrap would attract so much attention, especially of the negative kind.

Nevertheless, my son and I love the baby wrap. He feels secure, and I have full use of both of my hands without the discomfort of buckles and straps. It is also easier to keep out dirt and dust when necessary, and also hands and germs and kissy strangers. I love the baby wrap. And mine was $10 because I went to the store and purchased the fabric myself. If you want to know more, comment and I will send some links and other info.

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