Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obama the Anti-Christ?

I try not to talk about politics, it is an easy way to make quick enemies.

However, in the past few days I have had a few conversations about politics. It seems that some of our neighbors think that everyone shares their political views. It is strange to me, because most of my friends, regardless of their political views, recognize that everyone does not agree with them, and so engage in political conversations with a degree of caution or a desire to discuss. Our neighbors here, however, assume that everyone is a white, Christian, conservative, Republican, and I guess we "fit in" so much they forget, for the moment, that even if they think we are the last three, we are definitely not the first. So, in conversation they have expressed their glee that "the vice president is a woman" [note the tense used], "we don't need a president that would side with the muslims" [and not with "Americans" as if the two are always mutually exclusive] and "I can't believe how Obama is talking about Sarah Palin's daughter like he wasn't raised by a white trash mother, 'cause she slept with a black man and that made her white trash back then". [And judging by her tone, it still does.] I am concerned that they are assuming the election is in the bag, although I am in FL, so they might be on to something. It bothers me that people still think that American Muslim is an oxymoron, or that Sadam Hussein was behind the Sept. 11th attacks (that was also mentioned). I am amazed that reporters = Obama and confused about how Obama's "white trash" upbringing is related to Palin's daughter's pregnancy and why either is a central issue of the election. 

But all of that was completely erased from my mind with the next statement.  
"Barak Obama is the Anti-Christ." 

I was floored. I guess I've been in a China/baby bubble, but I had not heard that one. I have so many problems with that statement, I don't even know where to begin. 

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Milka said...

I had the same reaction as you the other day while watching The Daily Show, where one of the cast members went to a nursing home in Florida and taped these all-White, mostly Jewish, elderly men and women make comments about the presidential debate. During the debate, I heard Obama referred to as a terrorist, his wife referred to as a horse, and a comment about Black women's butt size being related to what tribe in Africa they descended from. I know the media spews this stuff but I didn't really think anyone believed it. I can't imagine, not just watching it on television, but actually having a real live American human being say it to my face.