Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama Said Knock You Out

My sisters have a few Obama T-shirts. On one is imprinted "Obama Said Knock You Out" and the other reads "Save the Drama for Obama". The second is a personal favorite, often recited to one or another of my teenage siblings to defuse one of many regular OMG situations. It makes everyone laugh, especially after I wrote it on the bulletin board followed by the presidents e-mail address.

Continuing in this vain of non-political Obama-related info, it seems that I have a fan club. Since Obama's election, grandmothers (and aunts, great-aunts and the occasional cousin) stop me to show me pictures of their grandchildren. Their biracial grandchildren. They look at me, and my son, and then they want to show me pictures of their offspring. Looking at the adults and the pictures of the children, it appears that the children are mixed race, or adopted. And some will even hint at the fact that the children are biracial, without actually saying it, especially referencing skin color and hair texture. At first, it was just white women. But then the other day a black woman stopped me in the supermarket to chit chat, and then she showed me pictures of her granddaughter, who slightly resembles Alicia Keys. We were talking about the price of vegetables.
Since then, it has been women, and the occasional man, of all backgrounds, showing or describing their family members to me. Even when I'm in a group, they single me out (I'm serious, ask my sisters). I guess having a biracial president makes it more acceptable, and seeing me must just make them happy. So, thanks Obama, for reppin' brown America as well as black.

And finally, I would just like to say that my youngest sister, who is 14, was talking about Mrs. Obama the other day. "Ms. Michelle", she said - I didn't hear the rest. It was the first time I've heard a First Lady referred to in the same manner as a family friend, or the Sunday School teacher. "Ms. Michelle". Nice.

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