Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To Think

I have been intentionally silent. Having nothing positive to contribute, I choose to not contribute at all. Occasional silence is good for my spirit. It gives me the space to evaluate, to breath, to contemplate, to learn, to grow. I can only pray that I am doing all...

I have good news. My oldest friend is getting married! We have been friends since 1985. Yes, 1985. KW was my first friend, and I was hers. Sometimes, we can't believe that despite time, distance, and the general ups and downs of life, we are still in touch, yet alone friends. And she is (finally) going to marry her boyfriend of 7 years. I am so excited for her. We spoke the other night and talking to her, as usual, helped to give me a different perspective on my life, my dreams, my shortcomings, my blessings and my self.

We all make different choices, decisions that work for us, our lives, our situations. It is not easy to find friends that understand and respect those differences and love us nevertheless. I used to pride myself on being a good friend, but I know that sometimes I struggle with accepting the decisions that my friends make about their own lives without being distant or judgmental. One of the most wonderful things about KW is that even when I do something she wouldn't, or thinks I shouldn't, she respects my own choices about my life. She rarely shows surprise, or anger, or disappointment. The only thing that she will do is question, sometimes unrelentingly. The extent of personal information we have accumulated over almost 25 years of friendship means that she can ask things that others wouldn't know to ask. Her disposition and profession cause her to ask me the hard questions, and expect honest answers. The discernment and insight she possess allow her to ask the insightful questions that cause introspection and personal evaluation. But when the questions are answered, and the dialogue is done, even if she disagrees, she respects me and my ability to make decisions about my life that work for me. I appreciate that. And although I am reluctant to admit it, I don't have too many people in my life that. They say that to have a friend, be one. Maybe I need to be more of that type of friend to the people in my life.

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Memeeflye said...

I was so excited to see a new post! Being a good friend is HARD. It is a fluid process. MORE PICTURES PLEASE!