Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Online Store

I finally started to set up my Etsy shop! I'm still taking pictures, so the shop is empty. But here is a teaser for all of my faithful blog readers:

The Citrus Collection

The Newspaper Collection

And here is my first custom order. She wanted a pair to match her work uniform.

That is just the jewelry. I also have belts, hats, scarves, and a baby blanket or two. So, get those bank accounts in order, my etsy store is coming soon!


Maximus said...

Good work. The collection is beautiful. Suggestion: Beaded crotched jewelry using wire thread? I've seem some peices online and think you have the skills to make some beautiful stuff.

Sacred Stitch said...

Hey Maximus! I'm working on it. I saw some cool stuff too and decided to give it a try. Right now I HATE working with wire, but is a new medium for me. I usually have a pretty good learning curve, so we will see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion!