Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I worked there!

As I browsed through news articles from Yahoo!'s home page, I ran across a familiar name. "Hey, I used to work for that guy!" Although Burt Flickinger was an oft quoted man long before I worked for him, I did not often come across his name. And I can not recall seeing it in the years since. It was an interesting thing, seeing the name of your former boss in print, recalling what it was like to work for him, remembering all of the things I saw and read and learned during my time with SRG.

And it reminded me of another news worthy former employer of mine, the Early Emotional Development Program. While I was there we were working on a preschool depression study, which has recently become MAJOR news. I'm still in touch with my former colleagues, and was quite excited to see of all the press about the study. And it was a little surreal, to read about something about which I have first hand knowledge.

I wonder what (or who) I'll read about tomorrow...

Walmart article (Burt Flickinger III)

One (of many) about Preschool Depression (Dr. Joan Luby, EEDP)

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