Thursday, September 03, 2009

I'm a hustler baby

I realized this evening that I have a few things I'm trying to get going. In addition to being a stay-at-home mom, I recently got a part-time tutoring job, am setting up my etsy shop and selling my stuff locally, and advertising my services as a virtual assistant. I'm also looking into getting one more out of the house part-time job, at least for the time being. I'm here for now, so I could as well, right? And thankfully, except for the tutoring job, I can continue my various jobs no matter where in the world we decide to go, which is important and essential, given our lifestyle.

I'm also trying to make a very big decision. Do I go back to school for a year and do something I'm good at but don't love, or go back for 5 years and risk failure to do something I am passionate about? Or do neither and focus all of my energy on being an entepenuer? I feel like the clock is ticking, and I still have so much I want to get done, but time is running out.


VK said...

wow leiona! i'm super impressed with all you are working on. I feel you big time...hustlin is my 2nd middle name right now. btw, my advice...follow your passion:) v

Maximus said...

I agree with VK. Follow your passion and you can still do entrepreneurial stuff on the side. The extra cash will help with school.