Friday, March 05, 2010

Binky's Big Day

It was Arthur's birthday and the whole class sang Happy Birthday. He brought special treats for everyone at snack time.

Mr. Ratuburn asked Arthur to pick a friend to help pass out the birthday cookies. "Pick me!" they all shouted. Everyone wanted to help except Binky. He knew he couldn't eat birthday treats or even help pass them out because of his food allergies.

"I want Binky to help me," said Arthur. "Binky has food allergies," said Francine. "He can't help you."

Arthur smiled. "We checked with Binky's mom, and my dad made chocolate chip cookies from Cherrybrook Kitchen that everyone can eat!"

Binky jumped up to help Arthur. "The first one is for you Binky," said Arthur. Binky took a huge bite. "WOW these are awesome?" said Binky.

The class cheered as Binky passed around the cookies. When he finished, he whispered to Arthur, "Thanks. This is the best day ever!"

This is the story that was on the back of the Cherrybrook Kitchen chocolate chip cookie mix. I hope you enjoyed it, I know we did.

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