Sunday, May 02, 2010

Yay! We made it through a week at day care without any reactions.

In the end, I decided to send all of his food. I was, obviously, concerned about cross-contamination, forgetfulness and accidents, but after reading their menu I was less than impressed. Here's what the students ate one day this week:

Breakfast: Cheese grits, toast with jelly, pears, milk
AM Snack: Cinnamon buns, grape juice
Lunch: Hamburger on bun, roundabouts (tater tots), pineapple, milk
PM Snack: Chex Mix, Orange Juice

Here's another day:

Breakfast: Rice krispies, sliced bananas, milk
AM Snack: Cheese toast, grape juice
Lunch: Ground beef & cheese pizza, corn, Fruit Toss, milk
PM Snack: Chocolate Chip cookies, orange juice

On those two days, my son could have eaten pears, grape juice, roundabouts (if they made his separately), the hamburger without the bun, sliced bananas, and corn. Yeah.

Aside from that, I was less than impressed with the nutritional balance of those meals. Where are the veggies? The juice is not even fruit juice, it's a powder mix similar to Kool-Aid. Cinnamon buns and chocolate chips cookies as regular snacks? Don't get me wrong, my son eats cake and cookies and other junk food, but not multiple times a week. Those are treats, and they would be even if I didn't have to find dairy-free ways to prepare them. But he also eats, and loves, things like carrot sticks, peaches, bananas, and spinach. After looking at that menu, I completely understood why some of you send your children to day care/school with their lunch. Most people wouldn't even see anything wrong with this menu, as evidenced by the fact that this center is full of children eating this food every day.

What do you think? Is this standard fare at day care centers? Would you be satisfied with this menu? Do your children eat like this anyway?

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Anonymous said...

Its like what Jamie said on Food Revolution, you are what you eat. I call it lazyness, not wanting or having the lunch ladies or cooks to cook from scratch. See back in Belize everything is cook and there's vegtables. That's why I like Ari's preschool/daycare, they cook there lunch and have healthy snacks.
Like today for moring snack they had: milk (not flavored )its proven that flavored milk has as much sugar as soda, Wow what you think about that? because I never knew until I what Jamie Food Revolution.slice apples and crackers.
For lunch Mashed potatoes, green beans and bake chicken. Ariana loves it, she always eats everything, i make sure I ask the teacher when I pick her up if she eats all her lunch. In America people just like to do thing fast and one of them is just having a lot of Proccess food. Even parents who sends there kids to school with brown bag, sometime there are as bad as the FDAA regluation, with what they give there kids. So I don't know, thats just my take on this. Sorry Lei I know how you feel.