Friday, July 16, 2010

Accidents Happen

Two mornings ago, I got up and gave my son a bowl of cereal. With cow's milk.

Usually, I don't even have cow's milk in my fridge, but my niece is here for the summer and so we have milk for her. I'm not even sure how I made that mistake, but I did. I poured the milk in bowl, gave it to him, and he ate every drop. And when he asked for more, I opened the fridge and realized that the soy milk was too far back for me to have moved it that morning. It was then that I realized I had given my son the wrong milk. I got him another bowl of cereal, with the correct milk, and gave it to him. And he ate it all, despite the fact that by this time his eyes were red and swollen, his face was red and he had already started breaking out in hives. He was scratching and eating cereal, and I felt like the worst parent on the planet. I got the dye free children's allergy medication, and gave him the "mommy doesn't want to use the Epi-Pen or go the ER so this better work" dose. It did. Thankfully.

He was still red and itching for a while, but that is manageable. We went to the doctor that afternoon, and I told her about my mistake. She asked me how it happened, and then called in a script for a stronger medicine, just in case. She totally understood my desire not to use the Epi-Pen unless he really needed it (like he can't breath) but she also reminded me not to be afraid to use it if he does need it.

Crisis averted. Baby safe. And a big thank you to all of my friends and family members that reminded me that mothers make mistakes, ALL of us.


Memeeflye said...

We all make mistakes. Parenting is subject to human error- just like life.

Sacred Stitch said...

Too true. Thanks for the reminder. :-)